Manage 1000+ accounts

Track and collect receivables for 1000+ client accounts with your prime plan. Organise your clients based on payment history, business types or your own categories for easy access. Your team can access all your clients using their mobile devices. They can make a call or send a reminder with a click of a button. No more sharing of contact details.

3000 Automatic reminders

Your prime plan comes with 3000 automatic reminders with life time validity. You can now relax while MeeKhata sends automatic reminders to your clients for pending payments.

Recurring invoice

If you need to invoice your clients on a regular basis, like say monthly or quarterly, you may use MeeKhata’s recurring billing feature. Once set, Meekhata will automatically generate the bill or invoice before the due date and send it over to your client asking for prompt payment. Free up your time from manual billing. 

"MeeKhata saves us hundreds of hours from customer follow ups every day"

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sagar - MD Sabsang Finance Ltd., New Delhi

Add your team members

You can add your employees or staff members to your MeeKhata business account and give them roles and permissions. Control which user can do what with our custom users permissions. Ex: One user can only add transaction, while another can add and delete.

Intelligent automatic reminders

You can set MeeKhata to automatically remind a few days before the due date or if needed every week after the due date is crossed, repeatedly. If needed you may choose to remind daily for tough clients! Once set, Meekhata will send SMS and Email reminders as per the set choice, automatically. Your customers will never forget the amount they need to pay you.

Collect online payments

You can give option to your clients to pay online by a single click by connecting to our payment gateway. Once set, Meekhata automatically reconciles received payments freeing up your time from painful manual update process. For this, you can connect to any of our partner gateways and avail low transaction charges. 

"MeeKhata's recurring billing automatically  bills our clients as per bill period. My team loves it!"

Mr. Rohit Fibnet Broadband, Maharashtra

Work on mobile and web simultaneously

If you like working on computers you and your team can as well access your MeeKhata account from web by visiting . Web comes with powerful excel data import and export tools. You can easily bring data from Tally, Busy, Marg or any of your accounting system using excel export and import feature.

Online passbook

Your clients will be able to see all the details of their transactions with your business at one location, anytime. They can see your bank details, make payments, download bills, invoices or payment receipts. They can call you with a click or chat with you instantly on WhatsApp from this one single portal.

Powerful collections screen

Biggest challenge to any business is tracking pending and upcoming payments on invoices. Using MeeKhata’s Collections screen, you can see and chase with a single click customers who’s invoices are long overdue. You can also see and plan for communication on current and upcoming invoices.

"We manage our loans and credit collection department using MeeKhata. This app is game changer for finance businesses!"

Mr. Vishal Sharma, Partner Vardhan India Nidhi.

Custom fields

You may want to capture extra details like say, GST number or loan account number or anything else on your transactions or client details screen. To do this, select the “add custom fields” option. Meekhata offers addition of unlimited custom fields.