How can our platform help you get your dues back? Read on....


Your customer Rahul, is due Rs. 5000 to you. You have called him once but are uncomfortable to repeatedly call him as you fear, you may annoy him. What can you do to ask for your payment and make your customer feel good? MeeKhata is exactly what you need for this situation:

1. Download MeeKhata and enter your details in your profile like your name, business name and phone number. This is so that your customer recognizes you.

2. Create a free MeeKhata account for your customer, and give it a respectable name like "Mr. Rahul Agrawal"

3. Enter a "Due"  transaction of amount Rs. 5000. The amount is shown in -ve (negative) as it is amount you are yet to receive and pending. (Note: Pending amounts show as negative, while realized or received amounts show as positive)

4. At this point, your customer Rahul, will get a nice SMS, saying that he is due Rs. 5000 to you. 

5. Every Sunday, a nice SMS is sent to Rahul, reminding him of pending amount, i.e. Rs. 5000 to be paid to you. 

6. Once Rahul pays your money, you close out or settle the amount in the app. Now the total due amount is shown as 0 (zero).

This way, Rahul, will never forget how much is his pending amount and you as a business can say that the SMS is being sent by MeeKhata and is not in your control. This gives a good feeling to you as a business and to the customer as he or she is being reminded politely to pay the dues.