Meekhata For Every Business.

We are so excited when ever we see a new type of business customer on our platform. This expansion in business types is a proof that Meekhata can be used by practically anyone with a pending due amount. 

This list below is a living document that is updated when ever a new business type is added into our platform. 

Some Of Our Customer's Businesses

1. Lawyer / Law Firms / Advocates from Maharashtra
2. Dairy Business From Maharashtra & Telangana 
3. Whole Sale Suppliers From Karnataka & Tamil Nadu
4. Suppliers to Kirana Shops in Telangana
5. Cable TV Suppliers in Tamilnadu

6. Borewell Contractors from Andhra, Karnataka & Bihar
7. Vegetable & Fruits Retailers from Telangana
8. Precast Walls, Slabs & Roof suppliers from Maharashtra
9. Mechanical Engineering Works providers from Andhra
10. Marble dealers from Jaipur

11. Tuition / Coaching providers from various states
12. Apartment housing associations from various states
13. Electronic showrooms and service providers from Assam
14. Medical / Pharma retailer from Gujarat
15. Micro financiers/ Chit funds from West Bengal

16. Multiple hardware, electrical & plumbing service companies across the states.
17. Fashion retailers from villages across states.
18. Battery Service shops from UP, Assam & Delhi
...more to be added daily.