Payment Due Reminder App


Easily Send Payment Due Reminders.

Meekhata: A Simple Payment Due Reminder App For Every Business 

So, What Is The Best Way To Remind My Customer To Pay?

Payment Due Reminder

Enter Your Dues

Simply create a "Payment Due" transaction in Meekhata app on your customer's name with the correct amount due.

Payment Due Reminder

Meekhata Sends Reminders

Meekhata sends regular SMS reminders to your customers stating the amounts due so they always remember to pay you.

Payment Due Reminder

Customer Pays You

Customers see SMS, remember dues and finally pay you. You can close the due transaction and focus on your business without worrying.

Unlimited Khatas.

Create unlimited payment due client khata accounts as you want.

Add Your Staff.

Easily enable your staff to manage dues for you.

Unlimited SMS.

Our SMS service is the fastest and part of our service to you. Unlimited.

Add Businesses.  

Manage all your businesses from one app easily.

WhatsApp Friendly. 

Easily send due reminders using WhatsApp or other messengers.


See customer and business statements and reports.

Simple & Easy.

We worked very hard to make the app very simple.

Simple Payment Due Reminder App