Payment due reminder app for small businesses


Payment reminder software for finance teams.

Reminds your customers, just the way you want.

MeeKhata has helped businesses collect more than 5000 Crores in total in the last 24 months.

MeeKhata for Finance 

Exclusive due management module for finance businesses (loans, gold loans, EMI, finance and others)

MeeKhata for Chartered Accountants

Exclusive due management package for Chartered Accountants

Customer Testimonials

Payment Due Reminder
Payment Due Reminder
Payment Due Reminder
Payment Due Reminder
Payment Due Reminder
Payment Due Reminder

All your overdue bills at one place.

Quickly see which bills or invoices are pending payment. Filter by due date or sort by amount and if needed call directly with a tap of one finger.

Payment due reminder app for small businesses.

"Trusted By 50,000+ Business Owners"

A simple, yet powerful software.

Easily capture all your pending dues in MeeKhata with this simple invoices and bills creation screen. Add notes or images to make sure important details are captured for your customer to remember.

Payment reminders for businesses

"5 Crores Of Dues Cleared Every Day"

Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly auto billing.

Tell MeeKhata the frequency of your recurring billing and let it follow up on the reminders automatically for you, monthly , quarterly or yearly!

payment reminders for emi collections

"1+ Lakh SMS Reminders Sent Every Day"

Daily overdue reminders, when needed.

Getting money from late paying customers is tough but if you remind them sincerely every day, you can get them to pay eventually.

Payment reminder

Freedom to speak your language

MeeKhata's premium customers can customize every word of their SMS reminder text, just like the way they need it. Absolute freedom.

Payment reminder

Get paid faster using automatic payment reminders!

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Simple & Easy.

We worked very hard to make the app very simple.

Payment due reminder app for self employed or small businesses. Collect direct payments using UPI from your clients.