The Easy Way To Invoice and Collect Payments For
Your Growing Business

Be it a big or small business, get paid on time. Use automatic invoicing and billing, and schedule automatic reminders to your clients to pay their dues on time

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Meekhata has helped businesses collect more than Rs. 5000 Crores of pending account receivables in the last 24 months

Simple, yet Professional Software

6 out of 10 businesses struggle month on a month when it comes to billing and payment collection from clients. If your business is finding it hard too, use Meekhata's automatic billing and collections platform. Send timely payment reminders, keep track of pending dues, and manage your collections team’s operations from your pocket.
Recurring Billing

Recurring Invoices

- Send monthly and quarterly invoices to your clients

- Automatic invoice and bill generation as per billing frequency

- Get prompt and faster payments

- Reduce manual billing and save time

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Track Payments

- Automatic payment reminders via SMS and Email

- Single dashboard for all the invoices

- Avoid manual data entry

- Track overdue payments via the Collections dashboard

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Give Loans, Collect EMI's

- Disburse loans and follow up with ease

- Collect EMIs as regular payments

- Follow up with clients via SMS, Email and WhatsApp

- Use a single dashboard to tackle late payments

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Understand you daily collection progress and see future cash flows easily.


Group your customers with unique labels to easily manage hundreds of accounts.


Bring your accounts team, collection agents and management on one page.


Central location to store customer documents, share the documents in one-click

Hear it from our happy customers

Within 1 month of going live on Meekhata, we have seen 80% of our outstanding receivables getting cleared without penalties

Sabsang Finance Ltd

Wonderful software helps me manage invoices to clients and get payments on time.


Time is a luxury in our profession, Meekhata helps me save days of effort involved in managing fees

iKan Fitness

Mr. Mukul Khanna
Owner (Book Publishers & Distributors)

"Payment collection process has now been smoothened out for us thanks to the MeeKhata team"

Mr. Anand
Managing Director (Anand Coaching Center)

"Taking admissions, generating timely bills and collecting payments on time is now very easy for me"

Mr. Rohit Singh
Owner (Fibnet Broadband Services)

"Before MeeKhata, Payment Collection process was problematic. I was depending on people for creating bills manually. I had to send 2 to 3 staff members on collection duty. Now after adopting Meekhata, my life has become a lot easier."

Mr. Vishal Sharma
Managing Director (Vardhan India Nidhi Ltd.)

"MeeKhata has everything that we ever wanted for running our financing business. It runs all our customers' EMI's, does automatic followups on due dates and helps my team track and collect payments on time."

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