The Easy Way to Manage Repeat Billing.

You focus on running your business, while Meekhata takes care of billing as per the client’s payment cycle.

No more manual billing. Grow your business!

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Recurring Billing

Billing on Auto Pilot

Bill hundreds of clients from a single mobile app with single tap.

Automatically generate bills as per the billing cycle of a client, collect online payments and reconcile with your bank account automatically.

Real-time payment settlement in MeeKhata helps you save time and effort.

“Time is a luxury in our profession, Meekhata helps me save days of effort involved in managing fees..”


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Give your customers choice

Manage all your customer's unique billing plans at one place and be confident of their timely collection as per their billing date.

MeeKhata supports all major types of billing cycles, may it be every week, month, quarter, semi annual or annual.

Psst! Did we tell you we also support Daily billing cycle!?

Recurring Billing

Drive more recurring revenue with Meekhata today.